Medical services

General medicine consultations

Our medical expertise

We offer medical consultations in the field of general medicine. We treat and supervise acute and chronic illnesses. We also provide preventive care and health education.

Your medical certificates

Driving licence, a life insurance, a residency permit or a sports activity for example.


If you need an appointment for a vaccination please contact us beforehand so we can double check that your vaccine is available.

In case you are travelling in a foreign country, you should contact your doctor 6 weeks before your departure. Also, for any vaccination appointment don't forget your vaccination card.

You can find the luxembourgish immunization schedules at

Prescription renewal

In case you need a prescription for a medication that we have prescribed you before, just write us a message with the name of the medication and the quantity you wish to receive. The prescription will be sent to your home (adjusted to your needs as judged by a doctor).

Home visits

In case you are unable to come to our office practice due to your health state you can ask us for a home visit and we’ll try to schedule an appointment as soon as we can. Medical home visits usually take place between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm.